Dadi Maa’s Home Remedies

Dadi Maa's Home Remedies - Book Cover
Dr. Rajeev Sharma
Manoj Publications, Dariba Kalan, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110006

For centuries, grand mother was the Doctor in every house. For any ailment, she had a remedy. And, those remedies were curing many health disorders quickly.

When I was in 8th standard, one night I had terrible stomach pain. Then, a grand mother by name Kalyaniyamma, who was our neighbour, came with dry fruits of soap nut. After grinding the fruits in water, she smeared the paste to the dip in the centre of the belly (Kibbotte in Kannada). Within 15 minuted the pain vanished!

They are such simple remedies that any one with the primary knowledge of these remedies can practice them confidently. The ingredients for preparation of the home-medicines are mostly available in the kitchen itself. So, by simply knowing the proper use of these remedies, we can keep ourselves healthy, even in today’s fast life. They are effective because their roots lie in Ayurveda.

This book presents home-remedies for hundreds of health disorders, which bother us in day-to-day life. It also gives properties of very popular herbs which are part of every kitchen.

First 13 chapters of the book, listed below, provide disorder-wise information:
Diseases and Juicing
Head Disorders
Stomach Disorders
Chest Problems
Heart & Blood Pressure Problems
Kidney & Bladder Disorders
Body Burn & Scars
Deficiency Diseases
Arms & Legs Disorders
Mouth/ Tooth/ Face Disorders
Ear/ Nose/ Throat/ Eye Disorders
Common Ailments of Children & Women
Misc. Disorders

 Further, “Common Home Remedies” using following items available in the kitchen have been presented:
Turmeric, Asafoetida (Heeng), Carom (Ajwain), Coriander (Dhania), Cumin Seeds (Jeera), Cloves (Lavang), Salt, Cinnamon (Dalchini), Fenugreek (Methi), Lemon, Margosa (Neem), Sacred Fig (Peepal), Basil (Tulsi)

In the last chapter, “Herbal Tips” for many disorders, including Bleeding Gums, Toothache, Constipation, Head ache, Body ache, Cuts/Wounds, Insect Bite have been given.