Mudras & Health Perspetives

Mudras and Health Perspectives - Book Cover
Suman K. Chiplunkar
Abhijit Prakashan, Mumbai

This valuable guide on “Mudras”, presents the ancient Indian approach to health in a very effective way.  Suman K. Chiplunkar retired as Superintendent of schools in the Education Dept. of Mumbai Municipal Corporation and practices Mudras since the year 2000. She has conducted 220 workshops about Mudras in Kannada, Hindi, Marathi and English languages.

In ancient times, Rishis and sages in their meditation discovered that the whole universe is composed of five elements and hence all matter and creatures are composed of those 5 elements called - Pancha Mahabhootas. They are fire, space, wind, earth and water. The Rishis logically proved that the balance of these five elements in human beings established health whereas imbalance of these five elements causes disease. They also discovered the way to balance these 5 elements through the various gestures of fingers which are called - “Hasta Mudras”.

Our fingers emit electro-magnetic power which is arrested by Mudras. With the right positioning for prescribed periods, Mudras can rejuvenate the body, heal diseases and also help in spiritual awakening.

Stress and improper diet and lifestyle lead to in-equilibrium in body and mind. This causes disturbance in the balance of the five elements and invites diseases.

Mudras act as remote control and help to restore and maintain balance of five basic elements in our body and mind. This removes disorders in body and mind and enables us to regain health and happiness.

The purpose of the book is to promote the understanding of Indian genius in the field of health. Therefore, along with Mudras, the author has presented the Indian perspective in the following areas:
-Ayurveda and Health
-Nature and Nutrition
-Yoga and Health
-The Philosophy of Life and Health
-Sun Worship
-Gayathri (Mantra) Upasana

We should accept the fact that the laws of nature and the laws of health should not be violated. If we violate, we will be forced to pay a price for that violation. Because, human body and mind are not two different entities; They complement each other. Once we understand that we will realise the value of the Golden Path invented by our ancient Rishis and Sages is really worth following.

The outlook underlying the ancient knowledge contained in this book is that health means not only the absence of diseases but also ever functional. enthusiastic and positive way of life. Fortunately, Suman Chiplunkar has crystalised the essence of that ancient Indian knowledge on health and presented it in a lucid and easy to understand way in this valuable book.