Trees of India

Trees of India - Front Cover of Book
Pippa Mukherjee
Oxford University Press, New Delhi

This book describes and illustrates some of the beautiful and useful common trees of India. These trees are seen by road sides, in parks and countryside.

The book is written in a very simple language . A simple glossary has been given at the end of the book. The author rightly claims that it is meant to create interest and not to confuse either a child or a non-botanist with complex scientific terms.

The book presents 41 trees with excellent photos and illustrations. Hence, it can create an awareness and interest in both young and old alike. It also lists most important uses of trees for man, animals, birds and, most vitally, for the environment.

Some of the trees presented in this attractive book are: Neem, Badam, Babool, Coral Wood, Silk Cotton, Palmyra Palm, Flame of the forest, Casurina, Coconut Palm, Canon-ball, Gulmohar, Rain tree, Banyan, Peepal, Drumstick, Temple tree, Mast tree, Tulip, Mango, Tamarind and Teak tree.