Vaidya Yoga Ratnavali (Formulary of Ayurvedic Medicines)

Vaidya Yoga Ratnavali - Book Cover
Doctors Practicing Ayurveda System of Medicine
The Indian Medical Practitioner’s Co-op. Pharmacy & Stores Ltd., Chennai- 61

This Formulary of Ayurvedic Medicines was compiled by Vaidya Mulugu Ramalingayya Garu in Telugu. Later, in the year 1953, it was translated into English by his son Ayurvedacharya Dr. M. Vishveshwara Shastri, HPIM and published by IMPCOPS.  It has been published in English, Telugu and Tamil by IMPCOPS.

In the first four editions the names of the drugs were given in Sanskrit. In the 5th edition, the names of the drugs have been translated into common English terms. Wherever the English terms are not available, the Latin botanical names have been used.

The object is, that the Practitioners who are not familiar with the Ayurvedic terminology and yet, interested to know the prepared medicines of Ayurveda and their method of preparation may understand better from this book.

In the first 480 pages, 365 Ayurvedic medicines are presented. In the following pages (481 to 687), a Glossary, giving the equivalents in South Indian Languages and Hindi, is provided. (Total 475 items, starting from “ABHRAKA” and ending with “YAVAKSARA: CARBONATE OF POTASH”). The glossary explains briefly, the parts used, so as to familiarize the reader with the drugs.

The object is that, these common Ayurvedic medicines widely used by the practitioners of Ayurveda, may also be known to the Practitioners of other systems of medicines. Therefore, the formulae, the methods of preparation, the dosage and the indications of these preparations are also given.